are you ready to live a good life While Recovering From Stroke or Brain Injury?

Improve mental well-being

Build connections with family, friends, and community

Find peace with current circumstances

See new possibilities

For Stroke Survivors, Brain Injury Survivors, and Family Caregivers

Stabilize →Thrive→ Find Possibilities

Are You Struggling To Find Stability After Stroke or Brain Injury?

Finding stability is the foundation of the recovery journey. But it’s not easy and many survivors and caregivers feel unsteady and off-balanced in the first weeks, months, and even years after injury. You may be experiencing: 

  • frustration, anxiety, depression
  • shrinking social circles and loss of connection
  • difficulty finding peace with suffering or what has been lost 
  • a loss of identity or direction

The good news is there is a path forward to decrease suffering and find stability.

The Stroke or Brain Injury As Part Of Your Life, Not All Of It

For survivors and caregivers, accepting the stroke or brain injury as part of their lives, and not all of it, is key to recovering from stroke or brain injury.  Accepting the injury, while not giving up, helps you grow and floursh. If you put the injury in its place, where else in your life are you ready to thrive? 

  • What activities improve your mental well-being?
  • How can you build better social connections or strengthen meaningful relationships?
  • What can you do to boost your spirit or nurture your soul?
  • How can you become a better version of yourself?
  • What good can you still contribute to your family and community?

What If Things Could Be Different?

Imagine you are stable. There is less stress, loneliness, or confusion. Instead there is more sleep, a better mood, inner peace, stronger connections, or a clearer direction…how would your daily life be different?

What if you can accept the stroke or brain injury as part of your life, but not ALL of your life? Imagine the ways in which your life could thrive and grow.

When you are stable and thriving, imagine the possibilities, unknown potential, and new purpose you could uncover.

Imagine living with stroke or brain injury, AND living a good life.

Wellness Coaching Can Help

No matter where you are in your recovery journey, wellness coaching can help you:

  • find stability in new or difficult circumstances
  • see where in your life you can grow and flourish
  • seek new purpose and possibilities.

Wellness coaching is an investment in yourself.

It is a commitment not only to our meetings, but a commitment to yourself.

A promise to push yourself beyond where you are now, meet challenges head on, and engage in a process of self-discovery that will reveal a potential you didn’t know existed.

Are you ready to create positive change?


"On those days that were a little harder to keep my head lifted and feel good about myself, I found that working with Aimee with her cheerfulness and positivie attitude were very encouraging."
Stroke Survivor
"Four years into my stroke journey, I was frustrated with my progression and I plateaued. Aimee was key for me to realizing I had options and room to grow."
Stroke Survivor
"Aimee has been a great help to both of us, patient and caregiver, in navigating through the challenges we faced in our restoration process following my wife's brain bleed almost six months ago. Feedback is always timely, detailed and accurate."
picture of creator of the caregiver course

About Aimee

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Wellness Coach.

When I worked in a traditional physical therapy setting, I could only treat the physical problems of my clients. But I knew so much more was going on in their lives that affected their health: increased mental stress, strained relationships, inner conflict or confusion.

And they didn’t know where to turn to help themselves.

I wanted to be able to help the whole person, so I became a wellness coach. Now, I help clients live as well as possible while recovering from stroke or brain injury.

Thank you letting me be a part of your journey to living chronically well!

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