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My name is Aimee. I am a Certified Wellness Coach and a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I have spent most of my career working with patients with chronic conditions like stroke, brain injury, and Parkinson’s Disease. When I worked in a traditional therapy setting, I could only treat the physical problems of my clients. But I knew so much more was going on in their lives that affected their health. 


I witnessed clients and families quietly suffer under the weight of a chronic condition. Physical and mental health suffer first. This leads to little time and energy left to nurture relationships (social health) or think about purpose (spiritual health). Financial health can feel stressed with extra costs, less time at work, or even a loss of identity if you can’t return to the work you used to do . The balance of wellness can quickly become off kilter when living with a chronic condition. And I realized my patients didn’t know where to turn to help themselves.


So, I became a Certified Wellness Coach. Now, I help stroke and brain injury survivors, and family caregivers, live as well as possible, even while managing a chronic condition. A healthy life is more than just your physical status. Well-being is the interaction and balance of physical, mental, social, spiritual, and financial health.


If you are struggling with stroke or brain injury, let’s work together to identify where YOU CAN TAKE CONTROL in your life. Think of wellness coaching as a personal trainer for your total well-being. A partnership where we work together and brainstorm ways to find your personal harmony of balance, even while managing a chronic condition.


Professional Experience

  • Masters in Physical Therapy from Emory University in 2000
  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Marymount University in 2009
  • Board Certified Neurologic Specialist (NCS) in 2013
  • Certified Wellness Coach in 2020
  • Fourteen years working with researchers at Emory University investigating new therapy interventions for patients post-stroke
  • Past consultant with Emory University, Georgia State, and Mercer’s Physical Therapy programs 
  • Owner of Optimize Performance PT, 2017-present – A specialized personal training service to help people of all physical abilities break down barriers to exercise.
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