Stop feeling chaotic, lonely, exhausted, or empty.

Find focus, connection, renewed energy, and purpose.

Are You Ready to Change Your Caregiving Experience?

When you are the caregiver to a loved one with a chronic condition, the focus so often is on your loved one’s health. But what is happening to you in the meantime? 

When a loved one gets sick suddenly, or you manage their care for weeks, months, or years, your mental well-being suffers. You may feel anxious, overwhelmed, tired, isolated, or even resentful. When mental stress persists, you may develop physical health problems like high blood pressure, fatigue, and frequent sickness. Little time or energy is left to nurture relationships. And you may find it difficult to find inner peace with these new circumstances. 

Quietly, your life has become off-kilter. You may find yourself saying:

“I am exhausted.”

“I’m becoming isolated and lonely.”

“I am overwhelmed.”

“I feel empty.”

And you are struggling with no clear path of how to move forward in a better way.

But there is a better way.

The video series Conquer Your Caregiver Stress in 30 Days gives you the steps you need to create a more fulfilling caregiving experience. In three short videos, you will learn simple and practical strategies that help you improve your mental well-being, find inner peace, and build connections.

This isn’t a path to eliminate your stress. The reality is, caregiving is stressful. But in just 30 days, you can learn how to take control of your caregiver stress. And flip your caregiving experience from exhausted and empty to renewed and purposeful.

Hi, I am Aimee Reiss, owner of The Chronic Wellness Coach.

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Wellness Coach. When I treated clients in a traditional physical therapy setting, I could only work on their physical limitations. But as I worked with patients, and their caregivers, for weeks and months at a time, I could see how living with a chronic condition quietly affected nearly every part of their lives. And yet, there was no clear place for them to turn in our traditional healthcare system.

So, I became a certified wellness coach. My goal is to help family caregivers have a fulfilling caregiving experience and live as well as possible, even in difficult circumstances.

This video series was created for caregivers who are struggling, now more than ever, to not be overwhelmed by caregiver stress. Here you will find how you can relieve suffering in your own life. And then, build the skills that help you move forward in a more positive direction.

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Here's What You Get

When you purchase Conquer Your Caregiver Stress in 30 Days, you’ll gain access to the tools you need to start changing your caregiver experience now.

This includes three short videos with valuable insight into how to identify where change is possible:

Video One:  Conquer overwhelm, negative thinking, anxiety or depression.

Video Two: Resolve inner conflict, find peace in current circumstances, and purpose moving forward.

Video Three: Overcome loneliness, build a support system, and feel more connected.

The videos are available 24/7 and can be accessed on your phone, desktop, or iPad for your convenience. 

In addition, you’ll receive a guide that will help you take the concepts covered in the videos and dive deeper. While the guide is optional, it is an effective tool to find the solutions you are searching for. 

What This Isn’t

This isn’t a complicated 20 step process. You don’t have time for complicated. The strategies I teach are simple and practical. In fact, most strategies can be performed in 15 minutes or less each day.

Caregivers are often applauded from afar. But they are rarely given the support they need and deserve. That’s what makes The Chronic Wellness Coach different. I want to help you invest in yourself so you can have a more fulfilling and satisfying experience. In 30 days, you CAN create a different trajectory for your caregiving experience. Click the button below to get started.

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