Relieve Suffering

Managing Caregiver Stress During Difficult Times

Build Well-Being

the Convenient and online caregiver Course that can help You...

  • improve your mental well-being
  • build connections
  • find peace with difficult circumstances
  • get back control of your health and total well-being
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have you said this to yourself?

“I’m exhausted…

I feel empty…

What happened to my life?

I can’t keep going this way.”

When you became a caregiver for your loved one, you knew it wouldn’t be easy.

But you didn’t anticipate how hard it would be. You didn’t know you would feel this stressed, overwhelmed or alone.

You tell yourself you have no time to care for yourself.

You feel guilty about the way you feel.

Maybe you even think you have no right to feel this way when your loved one is suffering.

Ignoring your thoughts and feelings isn't the answer

graphic about the symptoms of stress with caregiving

you aren't alone

With simple and practical steps, you can:

① create change

② improve your total well-being

③ care for yourself and your loved one

④ move forward in a more positive direction

Hi, I am Aimee Reiss, owner of The Chronic Wellness Coach.

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Wellness Coach. When I treated clients in a traditional physical therapy setting, I could only work on their physical limitations. But as I worked with patients, and their caregivers, for weeks and months at a time, I could see how living with a chronic illness quietly affected nearly every part of their lives.

Physical and mental health suffer first. This leads to little time and energy left to nurture relationships (social health) or think about purpose (spiritual health). Financial health can feel stressed with extra costs or less time at work. The balance of wellness can quickly become off kilter when living with a chronic condition. And I realized my patients didn’t know where to turn to help themselves.

So, I became a certified wellness coach. My goal is to help clients, and their caregivers, figure out their next steps to living with a chronic condition or disability. My mission is to help both parties live as well as possible, even in difficult circumstances.

picture of creator of the caregiver course

This course was created for caregivers who are struggling, now more than ever, to find where they can relieve suffering in their own lives. And then build the skills of well-being that help them to move forward in a more positive direction. I hope you’ll join me.

who would benefit from this course?

graphic about who would benefit from this course

when you purchase this course you will receive:

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5 video lessons

  • review the signs and symptoms of caregiver stress and how persistent stress can affect your health 
  • discuss ways to relieve suffering where possible
  • explore ways to improve well-being for your mental, social, and spiritual health
  • learn strategies to implement in your daily routine
  • valued at $300
picture of ipad showing a workbook

Downloadable workbook:

  • summarizes key points of each video lesson
  • provides prompts and questions to help you apply the lessons to your circumstances
  • helps you create your own personal wellness strategies
  • valued at $150
picture of a notebook

Additional Resource Sheet and “Idea Sheet”:

  • resource list with articles, podcasts, and books for further reading on topics included in the course
  • idea sheet with several ideas for how you can nurture your own self-care and well-being at home.
  • together valued at $125

Normally valued at $500, this course bundle is now offered at the special price of $49 until Nov 24th.

need more information

  1. How long will this course take?
    This is a self-paced course. There are approximately 3 hours of videos for you to work through and you can access the videos at any time. So, whether you have time at 12 o’clock noon or 12:00 o’clock midnight, you can access the videos and work through them at your own pace.
  2. What is well-being and how will this really help me?
    Well-being is another way to describe your health and wellness. Our health is not just about our physical health. Our well-being is made up of the interaction and balance of many dimensions of health, including our physical, mental, social, spiritual, and financial health. If one or two areas of our lives are out of whack (ie physical and mental health) other areas of health begin to suffer too. When we are out of balance with our well-being, it’s a miserable place to be. But it’s not hopeless. You can find ways to decrease suffering and improve well-being to live as well as possible moving forward.
  3. Will I have homework or other demands on my time in this course?
    No. You will receive a workbook to work through, if you choose, on your own time. The workbook will help take the concepts we discuss and apply them to your specific circumstances. But you are not obligated to do any work you don’t want to do or to turn anything in.
  4. Will I have access to the course instructor during the course?
    No. All videos are pre-recorded so that you can watch the videos at your convenience and on your own schedule. You will not meet with an instructor or other participants in the course. This course was specifically designed for caregivers who are limited in time and availability, but would still benefit from learning the techniques of self-care and well-being.

Refund Policy: All course sales are final. No refunds given following purchase.

Managing Caregiver Stress: How to Relieve Suffering and Build the Skills of Well-Being

picture of elements of the course

Online and Convenient

Offered now at the special price of $49 until November 24th.

Learn simple and practical steps to improve caregiver stress and your total well-being.

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