Stop Feeling Overwhelmed, Stressed, and Frustrated

Conquer Your Diabetes Stress

Find Your Path to Confident, Capable, and Thriving

Are Your Ready To Change Your Diabetes Experience?

When you are a diabetic, the focus so often is on your physical health, like blood sugar numbers, weight control, and eating right. But did you know you may be suffering from diabetes in other ways as well? 

Managing diabetes day after day can leave you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, tired, isolated, or even resentful. You may find yourself saying:

“I am stressed out.”

“I’m becoming isolated and lonely.”

“I am overwhelmed.”

“I am frustrated…nothing is working.”

When this mental stress persists, it can make managing your diabetes even harder. 

Why? Because stress can:

  • Cause a spike in blood sugar levels, despite all your efforts to exercise and eat well
  • Lead to erratic eating, creating a cycle of blood sugar levels that are too low, then too high
  • Make you forget to take your medication

What's the Bottom line?

Diabetes stress or poor mental well-being make it even more difficult to engage in healthy behaviors. So, stress can damper your motivation to exercise or choose the right foods to eat. Stress also makes it difficult to get good sleep. The end result? A negative cycle of stress and unhealthy behaviors begins.

Are you struggling to find a clear path of how to move forward in a better way?

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The digital guide, Conquer Your Diabetes Stress with The Total Wellness Model, is a pathway to live as well as possible, even when managing a difficult chronic condition.

Exercising and eating right are important activities to control diabetes. But sometimes they aren’t enough. Sometimes managing diabetes needs more. And that’s where The Total Wellness Model is different. This guide helps you understand more deeply:

  • where your stress may be coming from
  • how stress affects your sugar levels and
  • why managing stress is actually one of the most important strategies to control diabetes

This isn’t a pathway to eliminate your stress. The reality is, managing diabetes day after day is stressful. But, you can learn the tools to take control of your diabetes stress. And change your diabetic experience from overwhelmed and stressed to capable and thriving.

Hi, I am Aimee Reiss, owner of The Chronic Wellness Coach.

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Wellness Coach. My goal is to help people living with a chronic condition live as well as possible, even in difficult circumstances.

I wrote Conquer Your Diabetes Stress for those individuals who may be exercising and eating right, but are still struggling to control their blood sugars or feel like they aren’t thriving in life. 

I believe health is more than just physical. Our well-being is the interaction and balance of many areas of health, including our mental, spiritual, social, and financial health. And with diabetes, there is often nonphysical stress that goes unnoticed or neglected. 

At The Chronic Wellness Coach, I focus on the mental, social, or financial stress you may be feeling with diabetes. And I help people start making positive change today. 

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What's The Total Wellness Model?

When you purchase Conquer Your Diabetes Stress with The Total Wellness Model, you’ll gain access to the tools you need to start changing your diabetes trajectory now.

Topics covered include:

  • the ways in which diabetes can cause mental, social, and financial stress
  • how even normal, everyday stress can reek havoc on your blood sugar levels
  • why diabetics are at higher risk for poor sleep and depression 
Picture of medicine and insulin for diabetes
Then, you’ll learn a simple, straightforward path to identifying where change is needed and where you are motivated to create change.

What This Isn’t

This isn’t a complicated 20 step process. You don’t have time for complicated. The model has 4 simple steps to help you identify where change can begin. And the strategies to create that change are often simple and practical.

This digital guide is available for download upon purchase for immediate access. 

Feel like You might Need More Help?

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If you struggle to put plans into action, I also offer one-on-one coaching.

Think of coaching like personal training for your stress and well-being. Some people need a personal trainer to help create a personalized exercise plan, offer support and encouragement, or help hold them accountable to exercise. In a similar way, wellness coaching is personal training for your total well-being.

If you want help creating a personalized plan to improve mental well-being, need support or encouragement, or want to be held accountable for creating positive change in your life, consider wellness coaching. If interested, click button below for more information.

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