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A website dedicated to helping you figure out How to live Well with a chronic Condition, Disability, or Caregiver Stress

People managing a chronic condition, and their caregivers, are at risk for poor physical and mental health. But it goes even deeper than that.

Often with a chronic disease, physical and mental health suffer first. But when symptoms do not go away, the illness begins to affect many areas of life. For example, little time and energy may be left to nurture relationships (social health). Sometimes it is difficult to find peace with suffering or a new normal (spiritual health). In addition, financial health can feel strained with extra costs or less time at work. The balance of wellness can quickly become off kilter.

This website is dedicated to helping you figure out how to live well with a chronic condition, disability, or caregiver stress. You will find articles, resources, and services to improve your total well-being. My mission is to help individuals and families living with a chronic condition find their personal balance of wellness and live as well as possible. 

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Latest Blogs

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Free Guide for Caregivers

Are you a caregiver for a loved one and experiencing caregiver stress? Anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, or fatigue? If the stress persists, you could burnout. 

This guide was written for you. If you feel your well-being is spiraling downward, change has to start somewhere. In this free guide for caregivers you will learn:

  • why caregiver stress happens
  • how caregiving can impact many aspects of your life
  • how to feel empowered to improve your mental well-being with simple and practical strategies
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Wellness Coaching

When dealing with a chronic condition or stress, life can feel out of control. You may know that your current routine isn’t sustainable, but you aren’t sure what you can do to change it. 

That’s where wellness coaching can help. 

Working together, we can put together a plan that helps you see more clearly where you do have control. Or, what small steps you can begin to make now to help you live as well as possible. 

Learn more about wellness coaching

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Meet Aimee

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Wellness Coach.

When I worked in a traditional physical therapy setting, I could only treat the physical problems of my clients. But I knew so much more was going on in their lives that affected their health. And they didn’t know where to turn to help themselves.

I wanted to help, so I became a wellness coach. Now I combine my skills of disease management with health promotion to help clients live as well as possible, no matter what stage in life. Read more…

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In Their Own Words: How to Live Well with a Chronic Condition

Articles by people and caregivers managing a chronic condition, plus other helpful resources too.

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Cultivating Resilience: Re-connecting After Injury: Shepherd Center

Given a Grim Prognosis, Stroke Survivor Proves Doctors Wrong: HealthDay

Everything Happens for a Reason – And Other Lies I’ve Loved: Kate Bowler’s TEDMED talk

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