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Are You Ready To Live As Well As Possible?

I specialize in working with people who are living with stroke< Parkinson’s Disease or caregiver stress. 

When you are living with a chronic condition, the focus so often is on physical health. But did you know you may be suffering in other ways as well? 

Your mental well-being can be affected if you feel anxious, overwhelmed, tired, isolated, or even resentful. Little time or energy may be left to nurture relationships. Or maybe it’s difficult to find inner peace with these new circumstances. 

Quietly, your life has become unbalanced and off-kilter. And you are struggling with no clear path of how to move forward in a better way.

You are ready for change, but you’re not sure what kind of change or how to put a plan into action.

Wellness Coaching Can Help

No matter where you are in your recovery journey, wellness coaching can help you:

  • find stability in new or difficult circumstances
  • see where in your life your can grow and flourish
  • seek new purpose and possibilities.

Wellness coaching is an investment in yourself.

It is a commitment not only to our meetings, but a commitment to yourself.

A promise to push yourself beyond where you are now, meet challenges head on, and engage in a process of self-discovery that will reveal a potential you didn’t know existed.

Are you ready to create positive change?

Finding stability is the foundation of the recovery journey. But it’s not easy and many survivors and caregivers feel unsteady and off-balanced in the first weeks, months, and even years after injury. You may be experiencing: 

  • frustration, anxiety, depression
  • shrinking social circles and loss of connection
  • difficulty finding peace with suffering or what has been lost 
  • a loss of identity or direction

The good news is there is a path forward to decrease suffering and find stability.

For survivors and caregivers, accepting health problem or injury as part of their lives, and not all of it, is key to recovering.  Accepting the injury, while not giving up, helps you grow and floursh. If you put the injury in its place, where else in your life are you ready to thrive? 

  • What activities improve your mental well-being?
  • How can you build better social connections or strengthen meaningful relationships?
  • What can you do to boost your spirit or nurture your soul?
  • How can you become a better version of yourself?
  • What good can you still contribute to your family and community?

Imagine you are stable. There is less stress, loneliness, or confusion. Instead there is more sleep, a better mood, inner peace, stronger connections, or a clearer direction…how would your daily life be different?

What if you can accept your health problem or injury as part of your life, but not ALL of your life? Imagine the ways in which your life could thrive and grow.

When you are stable and thriving, imagine the possibilities, unknown potential, and new purpose you could uncover.

Imagine living with a chronic condition, AND living a good life.

One-on-one wellness coaching is right for you if you want to:

  • improve mental well-being
  • build connections with family, friends, or community
  • find peace with current circumstances
  • manage or prioritizing time better
  • identify where positive change can happen in your current circumstances
  • organize thoughts and create a plan for action 
  • challenge your status quo 
  • find new direction
  • seek new possibilities

Meet Aimee

Hi, I am Aimee Reiss, owner of The Chronic Wellness Coach.

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Wellness Coach. When I treated clients in a traditional physical therapy setting, I could only work on their physical limitations. However, as I worked with patients, and their family caregivers, for weeks and months at a time, I could see how living with a chronic condition quietly affected nearly every part of their lives. 

But there was no place in our traditional healthcare system for my clients and families to turn.

So, I became a certified wellness coach and created The Chronic Wellness Coach business. My goal is to help people and family caregivers living with a chronic condition live as well as possible, even in difficult circumstances.

picture of creator of the caregiver course
Graphic that says invest in yourself

Think of wellness coaching as personal training for your well-being. Some people hire a personal trainer to create a specific exercise program for them, for support or encouragement, or to hold themselves accountable for creating the physical change they want.

Wellness coaching can help you improve your well-being in the same way:

  • create a personalized wellness program 
  • provide support and encouragement
  • help hold you accountable to making positive change
  • organize your thoughts and create a plan for action.

The truth is, most of us already know the answers we are searching for. But sometimes a partner can help us get there faster.

If you are ready to create change, let’s work together.

Services are not covered by insurance.

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